Release 2.1


This release contains .NET packages and Tridion templates.

New features

SDL Web 8 support
SDL Web 8 (the latest version of Tridion) is supported in 2 ways:
  • Through the microservices API (aka the Content Interaction Library). To use this approach, you reference the package DD4T.Providers.SDLWeb8.CIL
  • Through the in-process API. To use this approach, create a reference to the package DD4T.Providers.SDLWeb8
Note that the introduction of the Content Interaction Library makes the DD4T Restservice and Rest provider obsolete. We recommend these features only for SDL Tridion 2013sp1 and older.
Binary caching
Binaries (images etcetera published from Tridion) are now cached in the same way as pages and component presentations. They are cached with a dependency on the underlying multimedia component. If you are using cache invalidation(see next topic), binaries are now automatically removed from the cache as soon as the multimedia component is published or unpublished.
Cache invalidation
Cache invalidation is removed from the core and moved into a separate package DD4T.Caching.ApacheMQ. You need to add a reference to that package if you want to continue to use this feature. Cache invalidation messages from Apache MQ are now received on the main thread of the application, instead of on a separate thread. We also upgraded to Apache.NMS 1.7.1.
Removed mandatory dependency on Log4net
Previous versions had a mandatory dependency on Log4net. This dependency was removed from DD4T.Core. You can still let DD4T log using Log4net, by adding a package reference to DD4T.Logging.Log4net. No configuration is necessary. If you like NLog better, just add a package reference to DD4T.Logging.NLog. Or write your own implementation of the interface DD4T.ContentModel.Contracts.Logging.ILogger.
PageFactory now caches null results
If a page cannot be found, this 'null result' was never cached in previous versions of DD4T. This was a risk, because requests of non-existent pages would lead to (heavy) queries on the broker database every time. Now, this null result is cached for a limited time. This time (in seconds) can be configured in the appSettings setting of the Web.config as follows:
<add key="DD4T.CacheSettings.Page404" value="60"/> 

If you leave this out, the null result is cached for 30 seconds.
Debug symbols are now packaged with DD4T, to make debugging considerably easier.
Empty embedded fields
A bug which caused publishing to fail if you tried to publish empty embedded fields while the 'Publish empty fields' setting was switched on, has been fixed.

Warning for users of DD4T for Java

Please use DD4T for Java version 2.0.6 or higher with the templates v 2.1!

NuGet packages

  • DD4T.Model
  • DD4T.Core
  • DD4T.MVC
  • DD4T.DI.Unity
  • DD4T.DI.Ninject
  • DD4T.DI.Autofac
  • DD4T.Providers.SDLTridion2011sp1
  • DD4T.Providers.SDLTridion2013
  • DD4T.Providers.SDLTridion2013sp1
  • DD4T.Providers.SDLWeb8
  • DD4T.Providers.SDLWeb8.CIL
  • DD4T.Caching.ApacheMQ
  • DD4T.Logging.Log4net
  • DD4T.Logging.NLog
  • DD4T.RestService.WebApi
  • DD4T.Providers.Rest